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Tuesday 18 June

On Tuesday 18 June we'll be hosting a special dinner with permaculture experts Kirsten and Nick from Milkwood, to celebrate their book Milkwood: Real skills for down-to-earth living.  

The Sea & The Forest will highlight two flavourful jewels of the natural world, mushrooms and seaweed, across a six-course feast with matching beverages. Feast on Balmain bugs with seaweed glaze; Wild venison roasted in golden kelp as well as delicious kelp ice-cream and citrus butterscotch. The evening will also include a discussion of insider tips from Julian, Kirsten and Nick about how to best forage, cook and eat these stunningly versatile local ingredients. 

$220 Six-course menu with matching beverages

$260 Six-course menu with matching beverages
 and a signed copy of the Milkwood book


Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar left the city to start a small permaculture farm called Milkwood ten years ago, with a dream of living simply and within their means. Since then, they've been growing food and sharing skills wherever they've lived or travelled – from building biochar stoves to creating rooftop community gardens to teaching permaculture design. They currently live, grow, forage and keep bees on their two-acre permaculture farm near Daylesford. 

The Book

Milkwood: Real skills for down-to-earth living

Divided into five key sections about tomatoes, mushroom cultivation, natural beekeeping, seaweed and wild food, and designed to be read with a pot of tea by your elbow and a notebook beside you, Milkwood is all you need to start living a more home-grown life. From DIY projects to wild fermented recipes, the in-depth knowledge and hands-on instruction contained in these pages will have your whole family fascinated and inspired to get growing, keeping, cooking and making.

Milkwood provides the skills for down-to-earth living, permaculture design, natural building and so much more. Get started with skills that are a modern take on age-old practices.



17 – 20 July

In July, when Australian Truffles are at their best, Navi will be showcasing truffles in a special dinner for an entire week, 17-20 July.

$155 per person for 6 truffle inspired courses. Matching beverages will be available.

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